Sunday, June 19, 2011

Black, White, and Red June 5, 2011

Daddy with his kiddos

The girlsMr Happy

Cool Kat

Princess Lauren


Landon had a pirate party to celebrate his 8th birthday w/ friends at the Bixby HS Pool. The party was so much fun. The pool was big and had a shallow end and a deep end and we had 24 kids come to the party!!


Centerpieces made by mommy and landon (map, gold, treasure chest, and pirate flag)

Fun in the pool


Pirate cookies

A stow away eats the goodies

Since Landon had so many guest, Mommy thought it might be a good idea to request cards in lieu of gifts because Landon LOVES cards. This still honors Landon and gives him time to read the cards during the party. (He has kept the cards in a sack and pulls them out and looks at them all over again)

I also mentioned to Landon that we might try and do a service project w/ his birthday guest instead of gifts and he chose to raise $ for Congo Bibles. Our church had a video explaining the need for bibles in the Congo and Landon was really touched by it. Our goal was to request $3-$5 per guest and then Mommy would add the rest and we could buy 10 bibles ($120). Well, Landon's kind and generous friends went OVER THE TOP with the request/challenge and Landon opened card after card with Cash! The kids had so much fun counting the $ at loud and it was very exciting to watch. In the end, Landon raised $288 which doubled his goal and bought 24 bibles. He placed the envelope in the offering plate with sheer joy. After the party was over, he said to me "What should we give to next year?". It was such a great experience. I never want Landon to feel overlooked or sacrifice his special day but 24 gifts would have been crazy and he doesn't need them and wouldn't play or appreciate all those gifts so I let it be his choice after making the recommendation. He is such a special kid! I assured him that Mommy & Daddy would still be giving him gifts as well as grandparents and other family and so there is no cheating him out of presents.

Eight the Great - Landon's birthday

My sweet Landon, I love you so much and celebrate your life and your light to others!

PS, just in case Landon questions his wardrobe for the night, HE PICKED IT OUT (the funny monkey shirt that is too small was the one thing he wanted to wear). It was his birthday, what do you do?

Our Chef

Movie projector to watch movies outside

The "super soaker" that he has been dying for!
More legos!

Monday, May 30, 2011

5-29-11 Block Party at the Ralston's

Block Party at the Ralston's--so much fun!

Our friends (Curtis and Brent Ralston) and their cul-
de-sac neighbors throw a party once a year and invite all their friends. There is music and the kids love to dance and play together. It is so much fun to watch!

LimboLandon on the dance floor

Randy with Lauren & Laken to "Thriller"

Sweet girlfriends, Ella & Lauren

Lauren & Anna Lye
They would not step back to do the water balloon toss and their balloon did not break!

Laken had 3 cookies (that i know of) and was sneaking away for more......
Cookie Located
The ReachGot the cookie

First bite---mission accomplished!
Cookies make me smile!

Daddy and Lauren dance into the night